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Sample presentation kit

Corporate Image offers a variety of solutions to showcase your product samples in unique and compelling ways. Sample folders, sample boards, corrugate boxes and architectural folders are specifically designed to fit your needs. Depending on the dimensions and weight of your samples, we will help you determine the best product for your sample display. While manufacturers of hardwood floors often prefer architectural folders for their wood samples, tile companies sometimes need a sturdier solution like a corrugate box. Companies that produce lighter materials like foams or textiles might choose a sample folder instead.

Let’s learn a little more about each of these products!

Architectural Folders

With a maximum width of 52″, architectural folders offer you the ability to showcase product samples, finishes or color swatches on up to 5 panels. This sample binder, as it is also sometimes called, will be custom designed and printed with your artwork.


  • Formats include 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 panels – we can even create half panels to best meet your needs!
  • Up to 54″ wide
  • Binders board made from 100% PCW (FSC available)
  • Custom designed, printed and manufactured in-house
  • Perfect for holding heavy samples

Learn more about our architectural folders!

Sample Folders


Sample folders are a lightweight alternative to the architectural folder. They are a sturdy folder and ideal for thinner materials.


  • Minimum size: 4×8″
  • Maximum size: 13×36″
  • Weight options: 36pt or 48pt
  • Custom formats from single panel up to four panels

Sample Boards

Sample boards are a rigid and portable flat board for open product display. They can have a die-cut handle to make it easy to carry or so they can hang on the “showroom” peg board. We offer both turned-edge and flush cut boards.

Turned-Edge Boards are strong and elegant, customized with fully printed litho wraps.

  • Minimum size is 6×9″
  • Maximum size is 21×36″
  • Board weight: 79pt, 98pt, 120pt, 180pt

Flush Cut Boards have a unique open edge where the binders board is visible. This creates an environmental look.

  • Minimum size is 6×9″
  • Maximum size is 21×36″
  • Board weight: 79pt, 98pt, 120pt and 180pt

Learn more about our sample boards!

Sample Boxes

Corrugate boxes offer a stronger, more protective package for your materials.


  • Offset printed, direct print or labeled
  • Potential for full color graphics inside and out
  • Kraft, bleached or black corrugate is available
  • Lamination options available to provide protection for your graphics and add to the durability of the box

Learn more about our sample kits!

Corporate Image also offers various finishing options to make your project truly stand out.

We look forward to creating the perfect solution for your sample presentation. Just let us know how we can help!

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