The Life Cycle of an Eco-friendly Binder

Sustainability in a 3-ring binder means more options, longer life, and fully recyclable

Great design includes the craft and full life cycle of your product, in our case: your custom binders.

As a US print manufacturer, we pay very close attention to the materials we use. Our goal is to create a 3-ring binder that has cradle to cradle thinking: Crafted from recycled and renewable resources, built to last a long time (while looking good!) and 100% recyclable at the end of it’s life.

Sustainable Materials

Unlike vinyl or many plastics, our custom 3-ring binders are 100% recyclable. We make them using 100% post consumer waste binders board. Our printing stock can vary from 10%-100% recycled content depending on the needs of the client.

Long life cycle

We had our flagship FlexHinge binders tested by an independent laboratory. They performed 250,000 openings without any signs of wear and tear. This makes them arguably the strongest 3-ring binders. Because they last so long, we laminate much of the printing with an inert film to ensure the artwork will look great as long as the binder lasts.


This whole binder is recyclable once its functional life is over. Simply pop the rings out and recycle the board and rings.


Corporate Image has won numerous design awards, including “Best Binder in North America” and “Best Binder in the World.” Our clients projects have also won several awards in industry and advertising competitions.

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