How to choose the right ring for your binder

What style and size of rings are ideal for your custom 3-ring binder? To decide what ring style you want, it is best to look at how the binder will be used and how much information it will hold. Round rings offer you the flexibility to mount them on either the spine or the back cover of your binder.  D-rings on the other hand are always attached to the back cover – but they will hold more sheets of paper and also help the paper lie flat in the binder.

The size of your rings determine how much paper you can fit in your binder, and it also has an impact on the size of your spine. That means you will have to make a decision on style as well as size of your binder rings at an early stage in designing your project.

To better understand how many sheets of paper the different ring sizes hold, we referenced a sheet count of 20# bond paper in the table below:

Binder ring size chart

The last decision you will have to make regarding your binder rings is if you want boosters. Many, if not most binder rings have what are called boosters – those tabs at the top and bottom of the binder ring mechanism. If you open your binder with the boosters, no rings bend and your binder will last you a lot longer.

3-ring binder rings - large - Corporate Image

Learn more about custom Flexhinge binders and see examples of binders with different ring sizes and styles here!

And if you have any questions, we are here to help you navigate through all the customizing options to create the binder that’s best for you.

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