Organize Your Life with Tab Dividers

Making your life easier to navigate 

Whether you are using a box or a binder, index tab dividers make it easy to organize your information. Your 3-ring binder is a custom designed work of art that is eye-catching and fulfills your presentation needs. Take your branding to the next step with custom tab dividers to compliment your custom binder. Need to organize your sales boxes? Why not enhance the look and function of your custom-designed box from us with the tab dividers created to fit your needs?

Offset printed tab dividers

When you need the absolute best, this is it. For eye-catching graphics and vibrant color, there is nothing like offset printing for custom tab dividers. It’s always the best option when you’re trying to match a PMS color. Offset printed tab dividers have a full range of options from standard tab cuts to half moon or custom. They are available in standard banks of 2-8 as well as custom configurations, including pocket pages, cut sheets and box tabs. Design your tab dividers to be printed either single- or double-sided and create a unique look by adding one of our 3 lamination options, spot UV or varnishes.

custom, printed full bleed tab dividers - corporate image custom printed tab dividers for you 3-ring binders


Digitally printed tab dividers

For runs of 50 to 350 sets of custom tab dividers, Corporate Image has two digitally printed options available. Naturally we offer eco-friendly digital printing.

Standard Tab Dividers 

Don’t let the name “standard tab dividers” mislead you. The standard tab dividers still offer you some beautiful customizing options. Your tab dividers will be printed single-sided. They come with Mylar reinforced tab and ring strip for additional strength and longevity and arrive in collated sets. Depending on how much information you need to organize, you can decide how many tabs you need. Corporate Image offers banks of 4 to 8 tabs with this option.

Full Bleed Tab Dividers

This options allows more room for your creativity. Due to our print-to-edge capability,  you can design your tabs with full bleed artwork. On top of that you have 3 different lamination choices available.


Request a Sample

Would you like to hold an example in hand? Or do you need a quote? Simply reach out to us and contact your Sales Rep to talk about how we can help you with your design projects. 

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