Picking the Best Manufacturer for Custom Printed Binders

We offer you the best quality, range of options, sustainability, and knowledge.


Portfolio binder and compact binder set for Munsell

Corporate Image is an employee owned presentation packaging manufacturer, dedicated to your success.

Our 40,000 square-foot plant is dedicated solely to printing and manufacturing superior custom printed binders, tab dividers, folders and custom boxes. Other binder manufacturers outsource printing and other segments of production. By handling entire projects in our controlled environment we are able to produce the outstanding work Corporate Image customers have come to expect.

From our automated CAD system for package design, through Prepress featuring the latest technology, to our spotless pressroom with a 6-color press, to our automated case making equipment, we do it all ourselves, which sets us apart from the rest.

Our plant incorporates many features and concepts found only in the very best facilities in the world. Work flows efficiently from one operation to the next, reflecting the skills and experience of our people, as well as more than 30 years of careful attention to process improvement. The spacious manufacturing area is flooded with natural light from windows lining both sides of the building.

We’re located in the center of the country, at the intersection of Interstates 35 and 80. When it comes to presentation packaging, we are your source from concept to completion.

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