Great 3-Ring Binder Designs of the Month

This month, we picked three binder projects ranging from half sheet sized bar menu binders to large 5 fold architectural binders.

Gray’s Tied House


About Gray’s Tied House:

Gray’s Tied House is a contemporary version of the traditional tied house that emerged in england during the 18th and 19th centuries. During that time beer was available at two types of public houses (pubs). A “tied house” was owned by a brewery and sold only beer that it brewed, while a “free house” was privately owned and featured beers from multiple breweries.

As the name implies, gray’s tied house serves products manufactured by the gray brewing company founded in 1856 by joshua gray, an irish immigrant. Since then, gray’s has continued it’s tradition of producing the finest handcrafted beers, ales and sodas in its quaint brewery and bottling facility in Janesvile, Wisconsin.


Gray’s Tied House

These notebook sized binders are being used for bar menus at Gray’s Tied House. Protected by lamination, they can be wiped down if needed, but present a classy and sturdy way to present your menu.

Kathleen Leonard


About Kathleen Leonard

Kathleen Leonard specializes in helping people sell and buy exceptional properties in the California Wine Country — just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is where she lives, works, entertains friends, and enjoys the good life with her husband, Bob Leonard. Kathleen founded Own the Wine Country in 2003 to help all of her clients achieve their real estate dreams in this beautiful area.


Kathleen Leonard

This binder captures the beauty of the wine country while offering a perfect binder for holding information, options and news of the wine country real estate.

Architect Folders – New product!

About Architect Folders

Whether you call them ringless sample binders, architect folders or sample folders, Corporate Image has worked to make a better option for showing your flooring and interior design samples. These ringless binders are strong enough to hold glass, tile, carpet and wood samples, all while sitting flat on the shelf and offering full printing and lamination options. Available in 3, 4 and 5 fold options up to 54″ long.

With room for mounting samples on the panels, when closed, the architect folder is concise and easy to carry.


Architect Folders

Flooring, tile, and finishing samples need to be seen and touched. The architect folders give you the real estate to show an entire line at once, making it easy for customers and architects to decide which direction they are going.

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