Custom, Printed Pocket Folders- Designs and Options

Make the custom pocket folders that wow.

A pocket folder doesn’t have to be boring. From vertical pockets, custom closures, window cuts, and unique designs, a pocket folder can be a brilliant piece of design.

Corporate Image offers a wide range of options that take your pocket folder from ordinary to extraordinary.


From tuck flap closures to velcro, Corporate Image can help keep your pocket folder information safe. A portfolio pocket folder has a flap that wraps around the open end of a pocket folder helping to keep your information safe. We have designed folders with many unique closures to match our customers brand!


Need a pocket folder that leaves an impression? We can help!

DORMA makes sliding door systems, so they wanted the closure on the folder to mimic their products. This folder has a sliding panel that velcros down to close the “door” on the folder. The result is unique, eye catching and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who picks it up!



Sustainable pocket folders.

When your company demands the most sustainable pocket folders in the world, you can turn to our glue-less pocket fiddlers. The pockets close with tuck flaps to form horizontal or vertical pockets, and as the name implies,  so there is no glue involved in manufacturing this folder. What results is an elegant pocket folder that clearly speaks about who you are as a company and your values.

A Pocket Folder with Room.

One pocket folder can handle all of your needs, from 1 sheet of paper to 50.

An expandable pocket folder can take care of a wide range of needs with an ingenious system that allows you to pull out the pocket to 1/4″ capacity when needed.

If you always need a lot of paper or a catalog to go into your pocket folder, a box pocket offers a strong platform for information you know is always going to be there. For booklets or brochures, conference information pieces, and proposals, a box pocket offers the room to handle what you need!



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