Liners: Get the Most out of Your Printed 3-ring Binders

The liner of a 3-ring binder is not just a blank space that the interior pages cover, it is a rich design space that adds life, information and interest to your design project.

Good things to know about 3 ring binder liners:

  1. When you are printing more that 250 binders, they print of our offset printing press.  This means that a matching fully printed liner is FREE at Corporate Image. Say you have a 4 color process cover, print the liner 4cp at no extra cost!
  2. People see the cover on the shelf, and when the binder is closed on a desk. People see the liner when they are looking at your information. The chances are they will spend a lot more time looking at the liner than the cover of your binder!


Printing architectural folders for flooring or carpet samples? Your information, product placement guides, specs and more are part of your liner. Ringless binders, or sample folders, are just one way a printed binder liner can help reinforce your message.


Get the most design impact for your 3-ring binders with printed liners!

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