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Corporate Image Binders have won the Worlds Best 3-ring Binder and Best Binder in North America.

Best Binder in North America 2015!

Wood Binders -the Best Binder in North America 2015 - Corporate Image

This is an in-house binder for Corporate Image, which you can get customized or as an off the shelf item through our sustainable office supply storefront, Naked Binder

This binder combines real cherry wood, cut very very thin and paper-backed with our 100% post consumer waste binders board. The binders are then trimmed and round cornered with the hinge flexed directly into the binder - meaning the wood binder is just as strong as all the Corporate Image binder line.

Check out our Birch Binders, too!

wood 3-ring binders - Sustainable and amazing office supplies! - Corporate Image


Our awards for Best Binders!

Best Binder in North America                    Best Binder in the World

2011, 2012, 2013, 2015                                 2011

Eska Frog Award Winner - Corporate Image

Best 3-ring Binder in the World 2012

Best Binder in the World 2011

Congratulations to Artesian Cancer Center whose custom binder project was awarded “Best Binder in the World” by Eska Graphic Board of the Netherlands. The judges were impressed with the innovative design, the decorating methods and overall quality. Corporate Image was the first to pioneer this unique binder style, the flush-cut binder.

Made from 100% post consumer waste board, with FSC certified 100% PCW paper printed with soy inks. This binder is a flush cut round-back binder with a 1.5" D-ring. The paper is an 80# Oatmeal Endleaf paper. This binder was debossed, printed and foil-stamped.

Kendra Pense, Artesian Cancer Center

“We were incredibly pleased with the finished product. It had the sophistication we intended but was user friendly and not cumbersome. Not only is the binder attractive, the eco-friendly features add value and credibility. It represents our company well.”

             Make your binder the Best in the World - Corporate Image


Best Binder in North America 2012

Wilsonart Contract Flooring came up with a winning binder in 2011.

A bare board binder with debossing and 3 colors of foil stamping, this is a custom binder with a refined elemental feel.

With a reputation for high quality flooring, Wilsonart went has an eye for beauty and materials.


Best Binder in North America 2013

Best Binder in North America 2013 - Corporate Image

Created by EG Integrated for the Lindsay Corporation, these beautiful binders won Best Binder in North America for 2013!

This binder combines a foil stamped cloth cover with magnetic portfolio closure with a printed interior pocket. This created a presentation that inspires confidence, impresses and holds information in a way that it cannot be lost.