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Versatile Marketing and Sales Kits

Sometimes you need to present information, samples and instruction books and want to tie them together with a unified look, quality and design. Corporate Image has the packaging experts to help you with what you need. 

Sales boxes are a valuable option when you are looking to present your materials whether you are showcasing product of just information.  Why?  

  1. Presentation Boxes stand out. A printed sales box has a lot of room for graphics. 
  2. The graphics for your box can match all of the collateral pieces in quality.
  3. Marketing kits can be made from corrugate or paperboard (or both) depending on how you are presenting your materials.
  4. Sales Boxes look like a present, and everyone loves opening presents.
  5. Things don't fall out of a sales box, since they have a closed lid.

We are going to pick three examples of presentation boxes and marketing kits from different industries to show a range of use ideas. Check out what people in your industry are designing for their presentations.





Architecture, Construction, Building Supplies Marketing and Sales Kit:

Case study #1: Simonton Windows

custom marketing sample kits - corporate image

Simonton Windows is an excellent example of finding innovative ways to showcase product and information. The main box featured graphics that look like you are looking out of windows to a beautiful field. Inside are both a 3-ring binder with sample finishes and colors and actual samples of the windows.

This may seem daunting to package cleanly, but Simonton really figured it out. Opening the box is like opening a really well packed present:

simonton sales box - custom printed marketing kit - Corporate Image

The 3-ring binder was custom printed and came with printed pages that are heavy enough to hold samples of finishes and colors. The binder provides an easy and portable resource for a designer of homeowner to carry around and compare with other features of the home or office:custom sales binder / marketing kit - Corporate Image



Healthcare and Medical Industry Sales and Marketing Kit:

Case Study #2 Delta Dental Patient Health Information Kit


Delta Denta patient information kit - Corporate Image

Delta Dental had a lot of information to get across. Knowing people are skittish about healthcare, presentation had to be inviting, easy and professional.  This patient information kit nailed it, holding two folders and seven file folders and making it easy.

custom 2 pocket folder - vertical and horizontal - Corporate Image

The Pocket folders are printed one side with one having a spot varnish (on the left) and the other printed graphics. Inside they mixed it up with a vertical pocket left and a horizontal pocket on the right.printed two pocket folder - horizontal and vertical pockets - Corporate Image

The tabbed file folders were each print one color, with the strip and graphic gradually moving down the page as you go through the folders. The graphics are clever, comforting and clear making it easy for anyone to get the information they need.

custom printed file folders - Corporate Image


Financial Presentation Kits

Case Study #3 Q2

This corrugate and paperboard presentation box set included a custom corrugated slipcase and box that houses a paperboard slipcase and custom pocket folder as well as a book.

Impossible you say? Q2 did an amazing job on this one, using a single PMS color with spot UV to create a stunning presentation kit.

Custom Printed financial presentation kit - Corporate Image

Custom Printed Presentation marketing kit - Corporate Image

Custom presentation marketing kit - Corporate Image

Custom Printed Pocket folder (four flap enclosure) - Corporate Image