strap sets

Showcase your lighter product samples in a compact strap set. The hard case made from binders board protects your samples while a screw post holds them in place. Simply fan out your color swatches or finishes for easy comparison.

sample presentation strap sets

Our fan decks offer a very tactile experience by allowing your audience to feel the texture of your samples – both the front and the back – as well as their rigidity and structure. The ability to fan out or flip through your samples and swatches enables the user to compare color or finish options side by side. You can finish your custom strap set with a variety of closure options, a handle, your choice of lamination as well as decorating options like spot gloss UV, foil stamping, die-cutting, or debossing.



If your sample binder needs a little extra help to stay shut, Corporate Image offers a wide variety of closures. From velcro dots in white or black, magnets, turnbuckle and snap style closures, you can be sure your products and information are secure.

In case your samples will be traveling with you, adding a handle may help. Our handle options will improve the look, feel and ease of use of your project. They are available in standard black and white.

For our sample boards we offer a die cut handle custom designed to fit your specifications.


Unlike protective liquid finishes such as aqueous coating, varnish or UV, film lamination actually reinforces paper- extending the life and improving the performance of printed pieces. Since it’s a film, it stretches and flexes, something liquid coatings can not do.

MATTE SOFT TOUCH – Nylon Lamination

  • Smooth, silky appearance – creates a refined, elegant look
  • Subtle surface texture creates a “soft touch” tactile feel.

NATURAL MATTE – Polypropylene Lamination

  • Subtle appearance
  • Non-reflective; minimizes color shift
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Virtually eliminates fingerprints

GLOSS – Nylon Lamination

  • Clear, shiny film that enhances printing and intensifies color
  • A great choice when you want a clean look and color that really stands out
  • Optional linen texture: embossed textured finish minimizes fingerprints, scratching and scuffing, a good solid choice for heavily used materials


FOIL STAMPING offers an elegant way of customizing your sample binder.

Foils come in a wide selection of colors and finishes, from traditional metallic gold and silver to metallic and matte foils in every color of the rainbow. Metallic foils are the most widely used stamping foils because they add a brilliant, eye-catching shine.

SPOT UV is a great way to help give your art a little extra “pop.” Applied after lamination or varnish, a contrasting spot UV picks up the light and gives a tactile feel to your sample presentation. Using a spot UV gloss combined with matte lamination is a great way to add contrasting finishes to your project, with maximum style.


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