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At Corporate Image we are design geeks, we appreciate the amazing designs, designers and creatives that we get to work with. To celebrate the great design we see from our clients and packaging staff,  we instituted these product, creative spotlights!


Sassy Baby - showcased in the Corporate Image Design Spotlight



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Sassy Baby is a company that works with child development experts to make innovative products for a child's early years. 

"Products with purpose - our passion for fashion assures today's mom that her baby will be just like her: fun, savvy, smart... and SASSY!"

What we like about the binder is

"The branding is clear and consistent all the way through - and it is fun! The binder has great shelf presence and makes you want to open it."

"A portfolio closure on the binder makes it like a present to open, with the graphics it adds that little kid excitement to opening the binder..."

portfolio 3-ring Sassy Baby binder - Corporate Image

portfolio 3-ring Sassy Baby binder - Corporate Image

design credit for the Sassy Brand Binder to Adrienne Goldberg and Steve Mika