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Custom Binder


  • Choose from one of our standard styles or design your own custom binder configuration
  • Customize your project with unique cover materials
  • We’ll create templates that will make artwork preparation easy
  • The size you need is the size we can custom create. Up to 22 inches tall and 17inches wide with a 4 inch D-ring or 5 3/8 inches tall by 5 1/8 inches wide with a 1/2 inch ring… and everything in between
  • Create the shape that fits your needs like a custom die-cut that allows materials to show through to the front of the binder

Custom prototypes

  • We’ll help you sell your idea
  • No charge for producing an initial prototype of a custom design, built to your specifications
Sizing a 3-ring binder - pages per ring style - Corporate Image

The right binder ring makes a difference in the form and function of your custom binder. So it’s important to select the size and style of ring that works best for the way your binder will be used. The size of your ring determines the spine width and cover size of your custom binders.

  • Round Rings are mounted on the spine of Square Back Binders and on the back cover of Round Back Binders.
  • D-Rings are mounted on the back cover of either Square Back or Round Back Binders. They offer greater page capacity and help paper lie flat and align evenly in the binder.
  • Steel rings can also be recycled with other metal products.


• Chrome, black or custom colors
• Round or D-Ring
• With or without boosters
• Locking rings
• 3-ring or multi-ring

Additional lead time is necessary for special orders