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Custom marketing materials- 3 ring binders, pocket folders, packaging. Corporate Image

The cover is adhered to the binders board with a protein glue. It is a version of gelatin and provides the tack needed to adhere the cover to the binders board. The liner must adhere to the turn-in of the cover so it must be a more aggressive adhesive that will stick to the laminated or cloth turn-ins. This adhesive is specially formulated to adhere to these difficult surfaces.

Eco friendly ring binders, marketing materials, Corporate Image

Bare Board Binder

We sometimes refer to this as a “naked binder.” The natural, bare board binder has a beauty all its own. The board corners are rounded and decoration may be applied to the spine and/ or front cover. Decoration optons include hot foil stamping or debossing. Bare board binders are the ultimate eco-friendly binders.

100% recycleable, eco friendly binder and marketing materials- Corporate Image

Binders Board

Binders board is used everywhere in the world for bookbinding, three ring binders, packaging and game boards. It is the core of every Corporate Image three ring FlexHinge binder. Corporate Image board is unique because it is made from 100% postconsumer waste consisting of newsprint, clean office waste and magazines. The waste paper is pulped and made into board layers and adhered together to produce the desired thickness. Corporate Image uses board in two thicknesses; 94-point for printed binders and 110-point for cloth binders. Not only is the board 100% post-consumer waste, it is also FSC certified.

Ring Binder, Modifiable Graphics, Custom Designs Corporate Image

Binder Liners

The inside cover of the binder. When producing a printed binder,  you have the option of 4color printing on the liner at no additional charge. For cloth binders, you can choose either a cloth or a full-color, printed liner.

Custom 3 ring binder, corporate marketing materials, professional display- Corporate Image

Cloth Binders

Corporate Image has one of the largest selections of binding and packaging fabric in North America. Corporate Image stocks 10 varieties of cloth cover materials. This offers over 200 color and texture choices. We also stock bonded leather and acrylic coated paper, as well as organic cotton, and a cotton/linen blend. Our newest cover material for 2010 is a natural rayon/viscose cloth imported from Holland in 37 brilliant colors. These fabrics are widely used in Europe for books, art books, binders, packaging and photo books. Cloth may be decorated with debossing or hot foil stamping. Most of Corporate Images’ cover materials are 100% cotton with aqueous acrylic coatings. All of our fabrics are displayed on our website.

Modifiable, customized binders, professional corporate binders, Corporate Image

Die-Cut Windows on Three Ring Binders

Corporate Image has the capability of die-cutting a window in the front cover of a FlexHinge binder, or cutting a design on the leading edge of the front cover. This allows a new dimension to the design of your 3 ring binders.

Digital Printing, Green Printer, Less paper waste, less chemicals, green, Corporate Image

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the reproduction of digital images on paper using toner rather than liquid inks. Digital printing is generally used for “short run” projects. No printing plates are required and there is generally less paper waste and fewer chemicals compared to offset printing.

Extra Heavy Duty Binders
Used in extreme environments such as retail stores or showrooms. Corporate Image can combine heavy duty library buckram cloth with your printed images. Library buckram is designed to withstand 50 years of library use. Special heavy duty locking rings are available to complete the package. Corporate Image package designers can work with you to design the ultimate binder.

3 ring binders; customize your design- Corporate Image


The process of making a hinge in the binders board with mechanical pressure and a male and female die. The die scores the board and forms a hinge. All of the board fiber is retained, forming an extremely strong and flexible hinge. We have had these hinges tested in an independent lab for 250,000 flexes with no deterioration or change. The FlexHinge binder from Corporate Image is guaranteed not to fail.

Eco friendly, recycled 3 ring binders, 100% post consumer waste- Corporate Image

Flush-Cut Binder

Unique to Corporate Image we apply a printed cover and liner to an oversized binders board. Next, we trim the board so the cover and liner are flush with the board edge. We use natural paper that can be offset printed using soy inks. The result is an interesting blend of board, paper and ink that reveals the core of the binders board. You may laminate or not. It’s a great look and 100% recyclable.

FSC Certification
Products bearing the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) logo guarantee that the source of their wood fiber comes from well managed forests. The FSC organization implements good stewardship and harvesting practices for the timber industry to maintain species diversity and animal habitats. All products produced by Corporate Image are FSC certified.

“Green At The Core”
It is a phrase that means every Corporate Image binder is constructed of 100% post-consumer waste binders board.

House Paper
Corporate Image has a set of “house paper” stocks that consistently print well, laminate well and die-cut well… which ultimately produces excellent products! Our house stocks are all FSC certified.

Eco friendly, recycled materials, environmental marketing- Corporate Image


Lamination is a film of nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. All of these films are inert and none are harmful to the environment. They can be safely recycled. When applied to paper, the paper can be repulped and the plastic film will be separated and recycled with other plastics. Corporate Image offers gloss, semigloss and natural matte lamination films. All laminations are available with either a gloss or linen finish. Our polypropylene natural matte film has become the most popular because it is non-reflective and has a smooth, silky feel.

Line Screen
A measure of how many half-tone lines are printed in a linear inch. Corporate Image prints a 225 line screen with modified stochastic screening.

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Presentation Binders

A unique Corporate Image product that combines the features of a pocket folder and ring binder. Images are offset printed directly on to 18- or 24-point stock. Presentation binders can be laminated with gloss, semigloss or natural matte film. They are lightweight and flexible three ring binders. Round rings are available up to 1”.

Presentation Boxes, Package Design, Marketing Materials, Corporate Image

Presentation Boxes & Corrugated Packaging

Boxes can be used to promote your products, used as a unique mailer or to present your product to your customers. Presentation Packaging is made from 18-point or 24-point stock or corrugate. You may choose to print and laminate the box or choose to cover the box with fabrics or coated papers. Many styles of boxes are available and they all ship flat for easy storage and shipping.

3 ring binder, presentation materials, corporate quality marketing- Corporate Image

Printed Binder

Using our 6-color manroland press we print your design on our 100# C2S cover stock. The liner for the binder is printed on the same sheet as the cover. Therefore there is no additional charge for a printed liner. Covers and liners are laminated with gloss, semigloss or natural matte film to add durability and to protect the printed image. The cover material is turned over 94-point binders board and the liner is applied to the inside. Flex hinges are pressed into the finished board. Next, the correct ring mechanism is riveted into the binder. Binders are available in either the traditional square back spine or a round spine.

Modifiable Designs for Binders, green printing -Corporate Image

Quick Ship Binders

This line of binders was designed for meetings and conventions when only a small number of binders are needed quickly. The original intent was to make a binder that could be shipped in five days, in quantities of 50 to 500 binders. Quick Ship spine wraps are printed on a high resolution digital print machine. The printed image must be laminated to withstand the pressing in of the hinges. Quick Ship binders are available with bare binders board or they can be covered with a charcoal grey textured paper. These binders are extremely attractive and many companies use them in quantities up to 1,500.

Custom 3 ring binders, marketing materials, package design. Graphics -Corporate Image

Round Back Spine

Round spines are created by a series of close hinges. The result is a very attractive round back spine. A classic case of form following function. It both fits your hand, and conforms to the shape of the ring.

Sending Images To Corporate Image

Corporate Image accepts the latest versions of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator documents. Feel free to send your files through our FTP site or overnight them on
disk. Please contact your sales representative for a complete list of file specifications for digital or offset printing.

100% recycleable, modifiable and customized marketing materials Corporate Image

Spine Wrap

A strip of either laminated, printed cover material, or attractive fabrics applied to the spine. The spine wrap may be applied to a bare board binder or one covered with contrasting cloth or paper.

Tab Dividers, Digital Print, Green printer, Corporate Image

Tab Dividers

Tabs enhance any binder and Corporate Image is an expert at producing tab dividers that enhance and complement the binder. Our offset printed tabs are produced on our 12-point stock. Digitally printed tab dividers are available on either our 12-point stock or a 100# white index with Mylar® reinforcement.

Template options, custom templates, custom package, visual image, Corporate Image

We will email you a template for every product that you produce with Corporate Image. If you are working on a standard product, the templates are already available to send to you. If you would like to create a custom package, we will create a custom template just for you. Before we produce your job, we will send you a proof that has been folded to your products dimensions so you can visualize the finished job.