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The needs of the Medical Industry for patient information packets, folders and binders are unique.

Health care is very personal and scary so the presentation of information needs to be calming, professional and easy to figure out.


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Trends for best practices in Medical Information Kits

Organized, calming, informative, professional, understandable and easy to find. This is quite a list of things your information has to be in the medical field. With all this in mind, you then add room for variable data, space for new data (prescriptions, notes...) as well as any other factors that may come up.  

Whether it is a major operation, long term care or relatively simple procedures, the information has to flow. So how do you package it?  What follows are the most common forms of medical information packaging we see.  Often one organization will need more than one solution for different situations.


Presentation Binders

Presentation binders are 3-ring binders that are a heavily paper stock - sort of a cross between a 3-ring binder and a pocket folder. These are particularly useful for changing information needs, adding and taking out sections as needed, along with pockets that can hold notes, brochures and other information.  

Strong, but reasonably priced, presentation binders are a great option for short term and medium term care issues.  Presentation binders also pair well with index tab dividers, allowing for organized (and variable) messaging inside.

Printable full color one side or two, laminated one side or two, with ring sizes up to a 1" ring (holds 180 sheets).

lapidus cancer institute portfolio presentation binder - corporate image


Medical and healthcare patient information kits - Corporate Image

Alvin and Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute

Portfolio Style Presentation Binder


Bank of 7 tabs, 4 color process one side, gloss lamination

Portfolio Presentation Binder die #129, 4 color process one side, gloss lamination one side, 1" round ring, flat pockets right and left with card cuts.


3-Ring Binders

For information binders that need to last - either long term care or for tracking information on the floor, the Corporate Image 3-ring binders are strong and the branding will stay clean and sharp for years.

These binders have been lab tested to 250,000 flexes (the equivalent of 34 years of 20 uses a day) with out failure.  For heavy use, or anything that needs to be permanent, a 3-ring binder is the way to go.

Printable full color cover and liner, protective lamination on cover and liner. On orders of 250+, options of spot PMS colors, varnish debossing, foil stamping, custom die cut windows and more.

Medical binders - - Corporate Image


















Artesian Cancer Center

Winner Best Binder in the World 2011


Made from 100% post consumer waste board, with FSC certified 100% PCW paper printed with soy inks. This binder is a flush cut round-back binder with a 1.5" D-ring. The paper is an 80# Oatmeal Endleaf paper. This binder was debossed, printed and foil-stamped.


Marketing Kits

Sometimes you need a whole marketing kit to send out.  HealthPartners needed a great 3-ring binder and tab dividers, but also a shipping box that matched.  What they came up with was a spectacular kit.

Corrugate shipping box, matching 3-ring binder and tabs - Corporate Image


specs: Roundback 3-ring binders printed 2PMS over 1PMS liner. Bank of 6 tab dividers 1PMS, and corrugate tuck closure box with handle printed 2PMS - soft touch matte laminate.

Pocket Folders

Pocket folders are a great way to contain information. Patients can keep their information intact both in the office and at home.

Each pocket of a pocket folder holds about 20 sheets of paper. Printable full color one side or two, lamination one side or two. Options include portfolio closures, horizontal or vertical pockets.

Medial patient information kits - corporate image

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

specs: A pocket folder software package, the left side is a full glued panel with a single CD cut. Printed 4cp + gloss varnish. 6-1/8" wide x 9" high die #406



Sales Boxes and Marketing Kits

When every situation can be a little different, or there is a lot of variable data, sometimes a box is the best option. paperboard sales and marketing kits offer a unique look, full color printing and a vast array of possibilities for closures.

One of the best features is the flexibility of the interior dividers.  From file folders, tab dividers, pocket folders and cut sheets, there is no limit to variations of information that can be stored in a sales box neatly and with full branding.

Medical Information Kits - Presentation kits - Corporate Image

Great Medical information kit - Corporate Image

Meyocks Group / Delta Dental of Iowa


Pocket Folder 1: Custom pocket folder, flat glueless pocket right, vertical pocket left - 1PMS and spot UV

Pocket Folder 2: Custom pocket folder, flat glueless pocket right, vertical pocket left - 4cp + 1 PMS and spot UV

Sales Box: Die #8555, 2cPMS outside, 3cPMS inside, natural matte one side.

Tab Dividers: Bank of 7, 1cPMS + dull varnish