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Design Center: Custom Boxes and Packaging


When you are looking for boxes for sales kits, information packets or sample marketing kits it helps to know more about your materials, possibilities and printing options.

The world of boxes is vast - do you need a corrugate box to help architectural samples or a heavy paper stock that can hold patient information kits or a bottle of perfume?

Printed corrugated boxes - Corporate Image

 First lets break it down.

Corrugate Boxes and Packaging

E-flute, single faced, double wall - all of these are corrugates and all of them have interesting properties and uses for your design projects.

The main thing you get from corrugates is strength.  If you need a sturdy box to hold samples or need to convey a greater sense of solidity with your brand, corrugates may be the way to go.

Customizing Corrugates:

Custom printed corrugate box and packaging - Corporate Image

Printing and more:

The best quality printing (4color process and any additional spot colors) is done on a C1S (coated 1 side) sheet which is run through an offset press and then adhered to the corrugate.  These printed sheets are laminated to protect your package even more. 

Corrugates can also be foil stamped and debossed. Another option is direct printing your custom box. Direct printing is beautiful, but offers a softer look as the inks will absorb into the corrugates a bit.

Die Cuts and Custom Dies

Corrugate cuts well, so the shape of your box, window cuts, custom closures and flaps are all possibilities.

Find an explanation of Corrugates here

The Corrugate Design Resource is here

Paperboard Boxes

Printed heavy paper stocks can be made into an amazing array of boxes for anything from patient information kits for health care to financial portfolio or organizational kits and more. 

Customizing Paperboard Boxes:

Custom paperboard folding boxes - Corporate Image


These stocks print like a dream, so you have the same wide range of options from 1 color PMS to 4cp+ and spot varnishes. Printing your paperboard box on two sides is also not a problem, allowing your to have the inside of your box as well branded as the outside.

This piece was duplexed with a cloth with a black interior piece. For a project like this cloth packaging, foil stamping is a great option for a classy, elegant look.

Die Cuts and Custom Dies:

Corporate Image has a wide range of sales box and paperboard box dies to choose from already, but if you have a need for custom windows or looks, you can work with our package designer to get what you need.

Find the Paperboard Sales Box Design Resource here.